Personal Stories of Recovery:

Claudia W.

When I got to AA over 17 yrs ago, I had only 3 options left; insanity, jail or death so I decided to try the program. I knew there was more to the program than just not drinking cuz Id had long dry spells in the past when I tried to stop drinking on my own so when I saw the 12 steps up on the wall I knew this was what I needed to do. It wasn't long before I realized that I couldn't do this alone so I got a sponsor who walked, talked & lived the 12 steps & with that sponsor as my guide, I began my recovery journey. Over the years I've had several different sponsors who have all taken me from point a to point b and I am forever grateful to each of them for their own input into this kid's sobriety file...............At 17 yrs. I'm still learning how to live a day at a time. I've uncovered other addictions below layers of denial and linked to other 12 step fellowships to help me deal with issues other than alcohol but today , as it has been since my recovery began, AA is my homepage. I owe my life to it! Becuz of AA I have a life & so, with love, I keep comin back, even in cyberspace. Thanks for letting me share.......Claudia W., California

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